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The season of stoicism
"Silence is a girls loudest cry. You know she’s hurt when she starts ignoring you"
- (via be-yours-4ever)
Reaching out to YOU - 245

This post is dedicated to YOU,
room 245.

I really wish I could speak to you right now.
So many things I kept inside.
Its like cloud of messed up thoughts in my head.
Not sure if you care though. (Its clear that you don’t)
But I refuse to believe that.
It hurts so much to know
things are not working out for us.
With you living in your world-assuming things.
Not giving me a chance to clarify things.
Its just unfair. Really unfair for me, for us.
Help me to understand, why? Why did you give up?
I just can’t digest how indifferent you are to me.
You said its a process of letting go. Not giving up.
No, it still doesn’t make any sense to me.

I ain’t sure myself why
I refuse to accept things the way it is,
refuse to believe it ain’t working out anymore,
refuse to believe you’ve moved on,
refuse to believe you don’t care anymore.

You left me, lied to me
and started seeing someone else behind my back.
You just wanted to protect your ego.
Love making assumptions and
accused me for things I didn’t do.
Now I know, it was all just an excuse to leave me.
Worse of all, you never deny it.

You’ve moved on. That, I really can’t comprehend :(
Its as if the 2 years we spent together
meant nothing at all.
I’m a mess myself at this moment.
I could see that smirk on your face
when I share the shitty drama.
Its as if you’ve emancipated from all this burden.
I wish you would care a little bit more.
If that is what you meant by
"keeping me as your friend".

I am honestly confused
with half of the things happening
and things that I want.
I am mad at you for leaving me.
For not making the effort to mend things.
Most of all, I am mad because you don’t care.
I just want you to be there for me.
Text me and show me that you care
like how we were 2 years ago.

I hope you’d remember
the little things we did and shared.
How much we loved
food hunting,
watching in house movies,
and could just lie in bed
crapping for hours in 245.

I know you left me
I know you’ve moved on.
I got my closure.
I just wish you’d care.

[2225, 25062014]